My name is Adelle Brown and my belief is that we all can live a good, quality-filled length of life in good health. Research shows that many sicknesses are not because of genetics, but because of what we eat, what we think, and our environment. Research also shows that now more than ever, the prevalence of suicide and mental health issues has skyrocketed, not just in adults but in children. This can change!


My overwhelming desire is to see others walking in this truth: ANYONE CAN BE HEALED of any dis-ease. Diabetes? High blood pressure? Depression? Anxiety? Yes, yes, yes and YES! You are never too old or too young - change is possible. As a pastor, I've seen it and I have also personally lived it. Being sick and sickly all of my life, I sought God for a better way. I want to share with you The Truth About Your Healing - I want what I have learned during my pain and struggle to help set others free!


Allow God to do for you what He has done for me, and may the blessings of the Lord overtake you!


Adelle Brown

Pastor & Author

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